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H BEAM IRON 200 X 200 X 8 X 12MM X 12 MTR

Rp. 17,000
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10 Jun 2024
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1 Pieces
H Beam Iron
PT. PUSAT BAJA BETON Selling H Beam Steel Concrete Center in Jakarta with the best quality and very affordable prices.
Iron H Beam is a steel beam which in English terms is known as Hot Rolled (hot rolled). As the name suggests, this iron has a wide H shape and is often used in the construction of buildings, bridges, or others.
This iron has a wide H shape and is usually used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and so on. In addition, H Beam iron itself is often used as a partner of WF iron when installing structural poles for a building.
The standard size specifications of the H Beam Iron that we provide or sell on the market include:
H BEAM 100 X 100 X 6 X 8MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 125 X 125 X 6.6 X 9MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 150 X 150 X 7 X 10 MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 175 X 175 X 7 X 11 MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 200 X 200 X 8 X 12 MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 250 X 250 X 9 X 14 MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 300 X 300 X 10 X 15 MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 350 X 350 X 12 X 19 MM X 12 MTR
H BEAM 400 X 400 X 13 X 21 MM X 12 MTR
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PT. Pusat Baja Beton is a Specialist Steel Distributor / Trading company for the needs of the construction business in terms of development. We provide various types and various sizes of steel with the most complete SNI quality at competitive prices. So that we are able to meet and support all your business and construction needs.
Iron H Beam
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